Selected Topics in Management and Modeling of Complex Systems: Editorial Introduction to Issue 27 of CSIMQ

Peter Forbrig, Kurt Sandkuhl


The 27th issue of CSIMQ presents four articles that cover a wide range of research topics. The articles are extended versions of previous publications. The topics of this issue start with the discussion of sound workflow specifications. It suggests control-flow-based methods. The range of topics ends with the discussion of literature results about the relations of Big Data algorithms and Microservices. Additionally, an approach for modeling the prediction of bankruptcy for Latvian companies is discussed. Within the range of topics is also an article about identity management in organizations. It discusses a case study and the Fractal Enterprise Model.


Workflow Soundness; Diagnostics; Bankruptcy Prediction; Altman Z-score; Machine-Learning; Identity Management; Fractal Enterprise Model; Big Data; Microservices

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DOI: 10.7250/csimq.2021-27.00


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