Applying Idea Management System (IMS) Approach to Design and Implement a collaborative Environment in Public Service related open Innovation Processes

Marco Alessi, Alessio Camillò, Valentina Chetta, Enza Giangreco, Mona Soufivand, Davide Storelli


Novel ideas are the key ingredients for innovation processes, and Idea Management System (IMS) plays a prominent role in managing captured ideas from external stakeholders and internal actors within an Open Innovation process. By considering a specific case study, Lecce-Italy, we have designed and implemented a collaborative environment, which provides an ideal platform for government, citizens, etc. to share ideas and co-create the value of innovative public services in Lecce. In this study the application of IMS with six main steps, including: idea generation, idea improvement, idea selection, refinement, idea implementation, and monitoring, shows that this, remarkably, helps service providers to exploit the intellectual capital and initiatives of the regional stakeholders and citizens and assist service providers to stay in line with the needs of society. Moreover, we have developed two support tools to foster collaboration and transparency: sentiment analysis tool and gamification application.


Idea Management System (IMS); value co-creation; Open Innovation; e-government; sentiment analysis; gamification

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DOI: 10.7250/csimq.2015-5.03


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