Enable Flexibilisation in FAIRWork’s Democratic AI-based Decision Support System by Applying Conceptual Models Using ADOxx

Robert Woitsch, Christian Muck, Wilfrid Utz, Herwig Zeiner


Decision-making in complex production environments is challenging as the information and knowledge requirements must be constantly observed since the ecosystems they operate in are continuously changing. Artificial intelligence (AI) can tackle complexity in decision-making by making machines more intelligent. But reacting to changing or new problems and related decision processes to facilitate the understanding of the involved humans is an equally important problem. Therefore, decision support systems are required to assist complex decisions and enable flexibility to support the decision-makers. Within this scope, we will introduce the Democratic AI-based Decision Support System (DAI-DSS), which is designed and implemented within the EU-funded FAIRWork project, considering both human and machine actors during decision-making. The FAIRWork project proposes a model-based approach to both express high-level decision scenarios and formally describe the decision processes, which are then used as input for configuring the decision support system to meet concrete decision problems.


Complex Industrial Processes; Decentralized Decision Support; Artificial Intelligence; Conceptual Modeling; Metamodeling; ADOxx

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DOI: 10.7250/csimq.2024-38.02


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