Emerging Tools for Design and Implementation of Water Quality Monitoring Based on IoT

Inna Skarga-Bandurova, Yana Krytska, Artem Velykzhanin, Lina Barbaruk, Oleksandr Suvorin, Mikhail Shorokhov


The article provides a conceptual framework for developing real-time water monitoring system based on IoT technology. The process, strategy and knowledge base for multidisciplinary research on IoT systems and prerequisites for real-world application of IoT technology into continuous water quality monitoring are discussed. The study expands current efforts aimed at leveraging customized IoT solutions for better instrumentation and the continued integration of sensor data into networks. The process of system design from scratch and base components of IoT-based water quality monitoring system for surface water are described. While the focus of this article is on system design, opportunities to improve the system components for the management of water resources with continuous water quality monitoring are much broader. In this view, perspectives and development issues of IoT-based water quality monitoring are also discussed.


Water Quality; Monitoring System; Internet of Things (IoT); Sensors

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DOI: 10.7250/csimq.2020-24.01


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