Modeling Interactive Enterprise Architecture Visualizations: An Extended Architecture Description

Dierk Jugel


Enterprise Architectures consist of a multitude of architecture elements, which relate in manifold ways to each other. Due to the high number of relationships between these elements, architectural analysis mechanisms are essential for all stakeholders to keep track and to work out relevant model characteristics. In practice EAs are often analyzed using visualizations by hand. However, the visualizations are often static and there are only few interaction possibilities. As a result, new visualizations have to be created or configured by experts if information demands change. In addition, hardly any tools are used for analysis of complex model characteristics. In this article we introduce an extended conceptualization of the architecture description that defines the structure of interactive visualizations and the integration of further tools to flexibly respond to the information demands of stakeholders. In addition, we develop a so-called Architecture Cockpit that realizes the extended conceptualization in a prototype. At the end we demonstrate and evaluate our approach through a practical test in a company in the finance and insurance industry.


ISO Standard 42010; Visual EAM Analytics; Enterprise Architecture Management; EA Analysis

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DOI: 10.7250/csimq.2018-16.02


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