Selected Topics on Information Logistics: Editorial Introduction to the Issue 2 of CSIMQ

Kurt Sandkuhl


The content of this issue presents novel four research results in information logistics and knowledge supply represented by the best papers of the 7th International Workshop on Information Logistics (ILOG) which took place in Lund (Sweden) in September 2014 and the paper on the bibliometric analysis of performance modeling. The focus of the ILOG workshop series is on advances in information logistics as a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences between the academic community and practitioners from industry and the public sector. ILOG was initiated in 2005; since its foundation it has been hosted in Sweden (2005, 2014), Germany (2006, 2009), Latvia (2011), Russia (2012) and Poland (2013).


Editorial Introduction to the Issue 2 of CSIMQ

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DOI: 10.7250/csimq.2015-2.00


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